The Power of Raatijaga in Everyday Life


Have you ever heard of Raatijaga? It’s a strong strategy that has been used for generations by yogis and psychic experts to help you unlock our interior probable. Raatijaga is the technique of becoming mindful inside our everyday lifestyles and finding out how to draw on our very own unique power. Let us explore this ancient training and understand how it can help us develop spiritually and turn into a lot more connected with yourself.

Exactly what is Raatijaga?

Raatijaga is a Sanskrit term which means “the night time watchman”. Within its easiest type, it is about becoming mindful of your measures and selections in each moment – from the mundane activities like scrubbing your the teeth or getting the trash, to greater existence selections like picking out a job pathway or where to stay. It educates us that each and every action we acquire issues, no matter how little it may seem.

The objective of Raatijaga would be to permit us to become aware of yourself on the further degree to ensure that we are able to make far more aware selections in life. We learn how to be present in each minute, as an alternative to living on autopilot or allowing our feelings push us. This higher awareness helps us be a little more personal-mindful and loaded to handle tough conditions.

Just How Can We Integrate Raatijaga into Our Lives?

A technique we can integrate Raatijaga into our daily lives is actually by meditating regularly – preferably very first thing every morning before beginning our time. Spending time out for your self at the start of your day can assist you established an intention for a day ahead, as well as provide you with some all-important “me time” before jumping into your everyday regimen. In addition, it allows us some room for representation to ensure we can easily sign in with our own selves periodically throughout the day and ensure we have been still in-line with this authentic intention from earlier that early morning.

We could likewise use Raatijaga when coming up with judgements – small or big – by inquiring our own selves concerns like “how will this determination affect me in six months/per year/five years from now?” Consuming additional a chance to consider all feasible outcomes before doing might help make sure that whatever decision you make is one you won’t feel dissapointed about down the road.


By incorporating Raatijaga into our lives, we could be more conscious, conscious, and intentional with this opinions and steps – permitting us to discover our inside probable and find better tranquility and pleasure within ourself. Regardless of whether through meditating or decision-creating, spending time out of daily for yourself ultimately leads to better clearness and exposure to your identiity at your core. So take the time right now (as well as every day!) on your own – you deserve it!