Marty Nothstein: Qualities Of A Good Scholarship For Student Athletes

Getting the best scholarships is an important part of being a student-athlete. These programs provide financial assistance to help cover the costs of college, but they also signal that you have the potential to play at a high level. So how do you know if the student-athlete scholarship is good? Here are the signs according to cycling legend Marty Nothstein.

The Best Student-Athlete Scholarship Is For A Specific Sport

A good student-athlete scholarship is specific to a sport. If you’re an athlete who plays several sports, it may be helpful to have more than one scholarship in your corner, but if you only play one sport, then that scholarship should be dedicated solely to helping athletes like yourself achieve their goals.

Marty Nothstein Athletic scholarships should not be general in nature, as they should not include any non-athletic components such as “excellence in character” or “leadership qualities.” These are important things for all students and young people alike, but they aren’t part of what makes an athletic career unique.

The Best Student-Athlete Scholarship Is Renewable

A scholarship for student-athletes is not a guarantee. As a student-athlete, you must work hard to keep it, and you can lose the scholarship if you don’t perform well or violate the terms of your agreement with the university.

Some reasons why a scholarship for student-athletes may be revoked include poor performance on the field or court, behavior that violates team rules (e.g., academic misconduct), or changing majors without permission from coaches or administrators.

The Scholarship Is Large Enough To Cover The Costs Of Attending College

Finally, the best scholarship for student-athletes should be large enough to cover the costs of attending college. This includes tuition, room and board, books, and other college expenses. You must know exactly how much money your scholarship will provide each semester to make sure you can pay for everything else that comes with being a student-athlete.